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Candid Photography

Candid photography is becoming increasingly popular in formal and informal situations including weddings.

Candid wedding photographs ensure that people’s personalities shine through and can often be a very flattering angle for those wedding guests who don’t enjoy having their picture taken.

To ensure I take the best candid pictures I have put together my top tips and hopefully this will also give you an insight into how my Dad and I work together to ensure we take the best possible pictures of your day!

  1. Utilise the long lens!
    I can stand far back from your wedding guests and capture the day unfolding from “behind the scenes” whilst my Dad takes more formal shots of your guests. Its a pleasure to capture guests laughing and joking whilst they are relaxed and can produce beautiful images.
  2. Flash isn’t always necessary.
    Flash is great but sometimes it’s best to kill the flash! My favorite types of wedding photographs are when I turn off the flash and capture the real atmosphere of lighting within the venue, even with a long lens. This is great in the middle of a ceremony when the vows are being said and lets me capture the romance of the day.
  3. Take lots of photos!
    Between my Dad and I we take hundreds if not thousands of shots during a wedding. This ensures that we always capture the critical moment in a situation. Examples of this is the confetti shot, walking in as Man and Wife for the first time at your wedding reception or just capturing a look of love! We then edit down the images to ensure we use the best possible photographs that reflects your perfect day.
  4. Position strategically.
    The key to good wedding photography (and many years of experience!) is to be able to move quickly to capture a spontaneous moment. My Dad and I have learned over the years to move quickly to get the perfect shot and think ahead. We get to the church early and think of what will happen during the ceremony and where will be best to stand. Which way will you be facing as Bride and Groom? What will the light be like? Thinking of all these things ensures we are in the best position to get the greatest shots!

So, as you can see candid photography is about preparation and thinking ahead to capture those natural moments all the way through your special day. If you want to know more about the kind of photographs we could take for your wedding, please get in touch!