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How to prepare your Wedding Photograph List so you don’t miss out!

A bit of prior preparation into deciding on your wedding photograph list before the big day will mean you won’t miss out on any must-have photos!

When I am lucky enough to photograph a Bride and Groom’s big day, there are a few key preparations I have to do. The most important task is for them to think about their Wedding Photograph List.

The wedding photograph list is a list of all the photographs that you, as a couple, would like to have of your wedding. For example – getting ready, arriving at the wedding venue, the wedding ceremony, the guests, the reception and afterwards.

Listing all the wedding shots that you would like means that when you review them after the wedding you’re not disappointed.

Many wedding guests can often feel offended if they’re not included in a Wedding Group shot, so it’s important for you to consider who you want photos of to prevent any bad feelings on the day!

Writing a list of wedding photographs you would like also helps me plan which group photographs are important to you. It also helps me plan how much time we have to complete the list. No one wants to be stood around doing photos for hours!

First of all, to assist with deciding which group wedding shots to consider, I always send a list of “suggested” wedding shots at the time of booking. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of which groups you may want to consider.

Having a list of the wedding photos means I can plan out a map of who and where I am going to shoot as the day goes along. Spending time getting guests together for each photo is often the biggest time waster for the day. I ALWAYS get the Best Man to help round up the guests for each family portrait requested. Chances are knows more guests then I do and this also makes the Wedding photo shot list section of the day run quicker and smoother. Noting down any names of anyone else who would know the wedding party will also help on the day too!

The list of wedding photos that you give me can also help me with the style of the photos that you’re looking for. If you know you want more Candid Photography, note that down on the list too or any close up shots you’d like in particular. Every little detail helps.

So if you’re feeling organised and want to start making your wedding photograph list, check out this article too from Bridal Guide about Your Wedding Day Shot List.

Wishing you a Happy Wedding Day!

Katie & Dave x